Alex Slucki is an author, speaker, artist/performer, mentor, and teacher who has dedicated most of his life to helping and guiding other people to express their highest potentials, with their development and self-improvement, or through creativity.

Alex’s disciplinary versatility is one of the reasons why he has the power of reaching so many souls into changing and growing.

Alex’s Passion

Alex passion is to help people honor the wisdom of YOUR OWN SOUL and celebrate the power of your creativity and imagination, recovering the yearnings, the joy, the love, and confidence of the inner child and of your own personal light, so that individually and collectively you may create, truly, the world you want to live in.Among the highlights of Alex’s mission is the desire to simultaneously sensitize, entertain and educate. For this, some of his main tools are: the Tarot readings for the Soul, the Soul Sequence techniques, his written word, his personal art, his multiple publications (fiction books and articles and personal development literature) and his Concerts to assist in souls’ ascension process.

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