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Welcome to this website! I have been an Intuitive Coach, Author, Mentor and Teacher for nearly 30 years, specializing in various techniques dedicated to helping individuals, like yourself, achieve their goals and unlock their true potential without the usual overwhelm, frustration, doubt or fear that involves moving forward or getting back on track. I am  100% dedicated to providing  both personalized guidance and group experiences  to support you where you need it the most. Whether you are seeking improvement in areas such as health, relationships, your personal mission or conscious evolution, I am here to empower you on your journey towards wellbeing, self-discovery and growth.

My Coaching style is holistic in its approach, combining intuition and channeling, deep listening, and proven techniques to guide you towards your desired outcomes. Through our transformative mentoring sessions, I aim to inspire and motivate you to overcome your greatest challenges; tap into your inner wisdom, and create a life filled with purpose and fulfillment. Discover the power of intuition and embark on a transformative journey with with me today!

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Our Services

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Channeling with your Soul (Psychic Reading)

Have you ever truly connected with the messages of your own Soul? In truth, you ARE your soul, even more so than your body or personality type. You as Soul know so much about You-as-human in great depth. When you connect, communicate and align to Yourself as Soul, your purpose becomes clear, there is more potential, wisdom, joy, focus, creativity, freedom... open your heart and mind and connect to your Soul through a Soul-Channeling session and listen to your true self tell you all you need to know.

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Intuitive Coaching Sessions with Alex Slucki

Unlock your potential and achieve personal growth guided by expert intuition. These coachings aim to help you design and manifest radical improvement in all areas of life: quality relationships, health, personal evolution, clear decision making, better results in your chosen profession. We especially help you FEEL better about yourself, creating more joy, inner peace and satisfaction, getting rid of the overwhelm, frustration and blockages which keep you from living your utmost version of yourself.

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Tarot With Your Soul (Reading)

Your Soul is your True Self, the part of you which holds an incredible reservoir of wisdom, love, joy, knowingness and real power to fulfill your deepest longings. When we connect at this level using the Tarot, we can engage in an outstanding coversation that will lead you to get clear on many subjects, such as finding out your true mission, but also what undertakings and solutions will lead you to great satisfaction in all areas that are important to you.

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Group Channeling with Ascended Masters

Have you ever experienced the connection with the Ascended Masters? They are a group of enlightened beings who have become Masterful in understanding how to best experience life on Earth and reach the highest states of awareness. To date, they continue to transmit their knowledge, love, bliss and personal viewpoints to a more enlightened state of mind and heart. We gather once a month and I am very satisfied to channel their presence and cutting-edge messages for today's humanity in a loving and mind-expanding group environment.  You are welcome to book your place and join us.

Aromatherapy massageMassage therapy, Shiatsu massage, Relaxing massage, Healing massage, Massage with oils, Reiki massage, Therapeutic massage, Deep tissue massage, Sports massage, Reflexology,

On site massages with Jorge Medina: replenish body, heart and mind

As part of our service I collaborate with Jorge Medina, an expert masseur with several techniques designed to complement the energy work done during our coachings and tarot for the soul sessions. Jorge offers relaxing massages with oils, Shiat-Su (digito-puncture) to decongest your energetic centers and revitalize each organ in the body, Reiki or a combination of techniques according to your needs.

You can also book a session with Jorge, whether you work with me (Alex) or not!

Book: The Grail Within (Available on Amazon)

Book: The Grail Within (Available on Amazon)

This is the real story of my personal journey through medieval, mystical France  "in search for the inner Holy Grail", alongside my dear friend, channeler, author and coach Dr. Malena Carrion. Encouraged by both our personal angelic guides, we embarked on a 4'000-mile mystical quest through french territory... a spiritual route filled with monasteries, celtic grounds, labyrinths, castles and cathedrals  We were led to deepen our insights on life, love, the invisible realms, Earth's awakening, our personal transformation, and also decipher where humanity is headed in these convoluted yet extrarodinary times. We invite you to join us on this quest for personal transformation and open your heart and soul to extraordinary revelations of our soul's potential.

Watch our interview here:

Children's Book: Rainbow's Journey to the Forgotten Land

Children's Book: Rainbow's Journey to the Forgotten Land

"Life is more than just its colors". So thinks Rainbow who is beginning to ask himself whether there is more to his existence than "performances" on days of sun and rain. Thus begins his adventure, as he travels to the land which color forgot and makes friends with its inhabitants who mysteriously dream of colors they have never known. What will he do, how could he help them and what would happen if he did? Find out in Alex Slucki's first children's book of the Rainbow saga. 

"You are always a gift to everyone and this will always be so!"

Watch this short video of the book presentation in Mexico City


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