From creative artist and writer to hermit, from hermit to teacher and from teacher to mentor. Beyond any of these labels, Alex is here to lead with experience, creativity and through his own example as he continues to expand his true, authentic Self.

How May I Be of Service To You?

As a multi-disciplined person with many “magical” tools, Alex has many ways to assist you in your personal evolution and finding your Soul’s Mission.


Through storytelling and the creation of magical worlds, you will connect with your inner child… and thus be able to experience a heightened sensibility and creative awareness.


Art serves as a path and connection with various worlds of creation. Alex’s creations and workshops help you connect in a more sensitive way to the world around you.

Magic knowledge

Years of experience transmitting knowledge of spiritual and intrinsic value. Tools are delivered that are both useful and highly effective in the process of self-knowledge and reaching your true life’s potential. You will be guided and enabled to create the world you have always dreamed of.

Work With Me

If you are willing to transform your life and discover your true potential, you will honestly be amazed by how much Alex has to share with you. Find out more about how amazing, fun, and easy is to work and learn under his guidance.

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