A magical encounter through fantasy stories that reconnect with your inner child.

The gift about a book remains in the opportunity of creating your own conclusions. When we open up a book, no-one is there to tell us how we should feel or think, it is a moment for receiving joy, developing fantasy, opening the heart and feeling everything in your own unique way. As an autor and creative person, Alex chooses to rely on books as best friends, that stay with him in heart and mind. 

Through the next books, Alex shares some of the greatest lessons he has learned over the years, these books are a legacy that he chooses to share with humanity from the bottom of his heart.

Books in English

Rainbow’s Journey to the Forgotten Land

Rainbow in the Land with No Time

Books in Spanish – Libros en Español

El Arte de Ser Humano 5.0

El Grial Interior

Alex sharing from the International Virtual Book Fair from Spain

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